Thrilled to have been chosen to mix the 2020 DTS Brand Spot which profiles the latest innovations for this groundbreaking tech company. DTS (Digital Theater Systems) was founded in 1993 as a competitor to Dolby Labs in the development of surround sound audio encoding/decoding/processing technology used in both cinema and home theater applications. The first credited theatrical movie release that employed DTS audio surround sound technology was Jurassic Park.

df8c61f4f3c9bcbded9f1b56f6ba60a9Their home theater audio format (also referred to as DTS Digital Surround or DTS Core) is one of two (along with Dolby Digital 5.1) that got their start with the Laserdisc format, with both formats migrating to DVD upon that format's introduction. DTS Digital Surround is a 5.1 channel encoding and decoding system that, on the listening end, requires a compatible home theater receiver with 5 channels of amplification and 5 speakers (left, right, center, surround left, surround right) and a subwoofer (.1), similar to the requirements needed for Dolby Digital.

Although DTS Digital Surround is the most widely known audio format from DTS, it is just the starting point. Additional surround sound formats within the DTS family also applied to DVD includes DTS 96/24, DTS-ES, DTS Neo:6. Additional variations of DTS, which are applied to Blu-ray Disc include DTS HD-Master Audio, DTS Neo:X, and DTS:X.

In addition to its surround sound formats, there is another DTS-branded entertainment technology: Play-Fi. DTS Play-Fi is a wireless multiroom audio platform that utilizes an iOS/Android smartphone app that provides access to select music streaming services, as well as music content on local storage devices, such as PCs and media services. Play-Fi facilitates the wireless distribution of music from those sources to DTS Play-Fi compatible wireless speakers, home theater receivers, and soundbars. Select DTS Play-Fi speakers can also be used as wireless surround speakers for select Play-Fi compatible home theater receivers and soundbars.

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