We now offer affordable 5.1 audio mixing and foley in addition to our existing sound editing, design and voiceover services...making it even easier to get the Hollywood feature-quality sound that gives your indie production that extra edge at festival time. 


Never underestimate the importance of a professionally crafted soundtrack -- it's a well known fact that you simply cannot fake good sound. Your audience will notice --- and more importantly, the distributors notice too.

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Now, under one roof and for a single package rate, you can get everything you need to deliver your movie, doc, short or pilot with confidence, and avoid going all over town getting bids for different services.

Give me a call and I'd be happy to take a look at your project to see if it's something we can help you with. While quality audio post is certainly not cheap, it may be more affordable than you think to get the polished soundtrack you never thought you'd have.   ; )


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