We're thrilled to be providing final editing along with a complete sound package for "Culture of Fear", an impressive and compelling new feature film from Dark Society starring Malcolm McDowell, Kayla Tabish, Nick Liam Heaney and Steven Bauer.

The movie is executive produced by Jan Charles Gray, produced by Nick Liam Heaney and written & directed by Kayla Tabish. This is a taut, beautifully shot, moody, film-noir thriller that touches on government/corporate control of society in a futuristic world that no longer has the modern technological conveniences of today.

We are providing final film editing, a complete foley & effects package, sound design, dialogue editing, ADR/Voiceover and 5.1 final mix.

Co-Editor and Sound Supervisor: Dave Eichhorn
Composer: Dan Beyer
Foley Artist: Indrani Desouza

The film is slated for festival circuits in 2017.