Thrilled to have just finished complete audio post, including 5.1 mix, for the pilot episode of 'SUSPECT: THE SERIES', written and directed by Manny Jimenez, Sr.
Manny gained fame in the early 2000's when he founded Suspect Entertainment, a talent agency that specialized in hard-to-find ethnic and gang types for film and television. He supplied major Hollywood feature films and television shows with extras that not only looked the part, but lived the part. SUSPECT: THE SERIES aims to tell the story of how it all came about. The pilot episode features a young Manny (Frankie Hernandez) getting released from prison and driving around Los Angeles looking for a movie set to work on. Thru some luck, encouragement from a loved one and endless persistence, he gets a small, questionable part in a movie, and this leads him to the brainstorm of starting his own casting agency. 

Keep an eye out for this one!

Director: Manny Jimenez, Sr. 
Executive Producers: Stella Vazquez, Michael Centeno, Manny Jimenez Sr.
Co-Executive Producer: Raymond E. Spiess, Jr.
Producers: Carlos Ayala, Kenji Doughty 
Director of Photography: Saul Cervantes
Editor: Jacobo Vizcarra-Rojas
Sound Editing/Audio Mix: Dave Eichhorn




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