Thrilled to have just finished complete audio post, including 5.1 mix, for 'SEALED OFF', an absolutely stunning short film written and directed by 22-year old filmmaker Tianyu Jiang.

Set in 1930s-occupied Shanghai, an accountant seeks shelter on a trolly car during an air-raid lockdown. In order to avoid his nephew just stepping on board, the man sits next to a university student and engages in impromptu romantic chatter until the nephew passes by. Apologizing for the awkward encounter, the accountant confesses the troubles in his life. He plans to divorce his wife and take another while thinking that this young woman would make a great mistress. Surprisingly, the once put-off woman considers the accountant’s proposal seriously, and love blooms in an instant.

For a short film, writer/director Jiang masterfully builds a world set in 1930s Shanghai, from the exteriors to the trolly set to its period costuming. We are fully immersed in a world on what was probably a shoestring budget. It all looks gorgeous.



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