Thrilled to have been hired to edit a fascinating new feature documentary entitled "Meet the Plug", directed by Damon Jamal of In Yo Face Filmworks. The film explores the unusual and very singular world of rapper/entrepeneur SuperVision, aka V, Diamond Eyes, and...sometimes just "Vision".  Vision is a not only a prolific musician who has worked with Ja Rule, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Montell Jordan and others (he has even appeared on stage with Stevie Wonder), but he has also created a cannabis empire with headquarters right here in Los Angeles - despite being completely blind since the age of 8. V, who's real name is Damon Bordenave, has actual diamonds in his prosthetic eyes, hence the name.

After undergoing experimental surgery at the National Institute of Health Eye Center, he somehow acquired the ability to navigate his world without the help of a walking stick. He seems to be able to sense objects around him, and he can find his way around the city despite his lack of sight. In V's words, "I've lost my sight, but not my vision".