Thrilled to have been hired for post audio sound design and mix on YEXT's first-ever TV marketing campaign which consists of several brand spots.  The spots personify technology as characters. The cell phone and the Internet, for example, return to their class of 1999 high school reunion. While these technologies have evolved, keyword search is still stuck in the 1990s with his looks and his attitude.

Search platform Yext wants to educate businesses about the shortcomings of keyword search, which hasn’t changed since 1999, in a new 1990s-themed integrated marketing campaign. Entering a keyword search often brings up a list of irrelevant results. Yext provides a search solution that uses artificial intelligence to make keyword searches more effective.

The spots run from June 7 through July 31 in major cities including New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, LA, Charlotte, Denver and San Francisco.