I've been hired to do complete audio post including 5.1 mix for the short film "TOGETHER", directed by A.W. (Tony) Scott and produced by Jean Qing Su. I've also been hired to create and edit the trailer. The film is a

beautifully shot and directed piece centering around a senior couple who, while planning a vacation, run into some unexpected difficulty.....which leads to some harrowing family drama. Film was shot in Los Angeles and stars Kim Estes, Efe, Jason Olive and Caroline Harris. Principal photography by Rasa Partin. The film was edited by Lea Vrabelova and carries an original score by Emanuele Arnone. 


At Post in the Woods I did the dialogue editing, ADR, foley, sound design and 5.1/stereo final mixes. The film will be in festival circulation and is being used as a fundraiser for a longer, feature version. 


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