Thrilled to have booked a new indie feature titled "The Elephant in the Room", based on the book "Resilient Hearts", by Bonnie Freeman. The film, which is based  on true events, follows a tight-knit team of palliative health care workers as they struggle through the emotional minefield of caring for terminally ill patients. The screenplay is gritty and real, yet carries a huge heart and some very funny sequences as the cast learns that a bit of insanity might be exactly what is needed to stay sane amid the death and dying. A modern-day M*A*S*H, this movie dares to go where no other film has gone before. 

Post in the Woods will be providing the edit as well as a full audio post package including sound design, ADR, Foley and 5.1 final mix. 

The film is helmed by director Allen Freeman and producers Tamir Gedalia, Niko Vitacco and William Dale. Screenplay written by Bonnie Freeman, who adapted from her own book.   

resilient hearts wcaption