Video Portfolio

A fast-paced new series pilot featuring comedian Doug Williams (First Amendments with Martin Lawrence). Doug, along with his 2 kids and wife Ada (who directs each episode) find themselves immersed in all kinds of situations, meeting interesting and crazy people along the way. The show also features exclusive celebrity interviews with veterans and upstarts like Johnny Gill, Tatiana Ali and Brandon T. Jackson.

A fast-paced new series pilot featuring comedian Doug

Deedee (Christina Venuti) is a woman in her early 40's searching for happiness in contemporary Los Angeles. Directed by Heather Langone, written and produced by Christina Venuti.

Sizzle reel for a high-concept website/game involving beautiful fantasy women, each wielding a unique set of weaponry and each with outstanding fighting skills. The women are pitted against one another and fight to the death.

Trailer I cut for the romantic comedy "A Beautiful Friendship"