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It has come to my attention that today's film schools are no longer sending students out with the technical know-how necessary to be functioning filmmakers. It is clear that some very basic principals are being skipped over due to either stupidity or laziness, or possibly a combination of both. Case in point: the last couple of clients I've worked with have brought me movies with no serviceable sync references - none whatsoever. When asked where the sync pops were, in both instances I was met with blank stares. Which was pretty puzzling. Later on, through a conversation with one of the young directors, I learned that at his school, the New York Film Academy, no one had ever mentioned anything about sync reference points with regards to post production. Like I said, pretty stupid. There's nothing like ignoring the basics when it comes to something as precarious and complex as post production to really invite disaster. I take it the teaching staff at the NY Film Academy have never actually worked in the industry. 

Sync pops are required on videos at most professional post houses, including Post in the Woods. So if you don't know what one is, or what it is for, you probably won't be posting anything with us very soon. 

In case you want to know just what a sync pop is, here is a brief overview:


The following is a summary of the materials we require before we can begin audio post work on any film or video project:


1. Copy of the entire video program in either of the following formats: .mov, .mxf, .avi, .mp4. with a guide track. If possible please provide all production dialogue on the left channel and all music on the right. 

2. Copy of original script notes with camera and sound rolls along with scene and take numbers. 

3. Copy of all original production audio recordings


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My Zen Trendy - Episode #3 (25:58)


Fantasy Women Battles

Trailers, Sound Design, Sizzle Reels

"You CAN Make a Difference"

Commercial Spots, Sound Design

The Savannah Project

Docs, Sound Design

Sizzle Reel for "CROSSROADS" (8:39)

Celebrity/Lifestyle/Travel, Sizzle Reels

Trailer for "CROSSROADS" (2:40)

Trailers, Celebrity/Lifestyle/Travel

Runnin The Streets w/Doug Williams

Sound Design, Title Design, Celebrity/Lifestyle/Travel

Running The Streets - Episode 3


Coming Soon: Hats and other stuff....

Don't be caught dead without wearing this uber-fashionable attire. Let the rest of the world know that YOU chose to finesse your film, not just "finish" it. 




Downloadable Files:

JL Ranch for Temp Mix w/timecode upper 3/9/16  (13.8Gb, mp4 format)


NOTE: This link is not designed to PLAY the movie in your browser. It may not play smoothly if you try this. Rather, you should save the file to your computer and then play it directly from your harddrive. 

PC: Right-click the link and choose "Save As..." to download and save the file to your hard drive

MAC: Hold down the CONTROL key, click the link, and choose "Save file" to download it to your hard drive. 







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Media items needed:


1. Joe at age 5, 6, 7, also any with Dad at 4 or 5 would be ideal

2. Rick Patera with his dad

3. Vintage video footage -- Anything Chicago football-related in the 20's, 30's, 40's 50's and 60's. Need footage of the team, the stadium, game footage, fans in the stands, fans entering the stadium, buying tickets, driving into the parking lots, etc. Any actual early tailgating footage would be a bonus.